Getting your marble looking marvellous is easy and affordable with Total Sealing Works Whitsundays.

Our expert staff have marble cleaning, polishing, grinding, honing and restoration down to a fine art. Whether it's for a floor, a benchtop, mantlepiece or a bathroom vanity, we will give your marble a flawless, glossy appearance. You can depend on our Whitsundays marble restoration experts to work only with the most efficient equipment and products, so you benefit from superior results.

It's easy to see why marble is such a popular material. In addition to instantly giving your home a sense of classic grandeur, this option is cool, less porous than other materials and extremely hygienic. For these reasons, it is frequently used for kitchens and bakery tables.

If your marble is looking a little mundane, we offer 3 finish solutions.

1. Honed (matte finish): Soft, stylish and with low reflectivity, honed is a great option for a range of surfaces. Our matte finishes also have a high slip resistance.

2. Semi-polished (satin): This finish is perfect for bringing out the natural beauty of the marble. It is easy to clean and perfect for residential and commercial properties.

3. Full polish (high gloss): If you want to open your home up to more natural light, as well enjoy spotless, hygienic and easy to maintain marble floors, the full polish finish is the clear choice.

Get in touch with TSW today and see why we are the trusted name for marble restorations in the Whitsundays.