Why choose polished concrete?

If you are searching for a concrete flooring option, polished concrete is far and away the best choice. In addition to looking amazing, polished concrete is highly durable and only requires a minimum of maintenance.

Polished concrete is also as stylish as it is versatile. The following concrete finishes are offered by our team at Total Sealing Works Whitsundays.

1. Honed (Matte Finish)

Ideal for outdoor areas, honed concrete is slip resistant, hard-wearing and can brilliantly complement any contemporary design.

2. Semi Polished Concrete (Satin)

This finishing option will instantly give a look of modern refinement to your studio, restaurant or office floor. In addition to looking great, it is also easy to clean.

3. Full Polish (High Gloss)

The advantages of full polish concrete flooring are not simply aesthetic. Because it has high natural light reflective properties, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home or office. Choosing full polish concrete for your floor will also mean you won't have to worry about dust and allergen issues that come with carpets. Our Whitsundays polished concrete experts will listen to your requirements and help you find the option that is best suited to your needs and budget. You can also browse through our options in our showroom. Call us today to find out more.

How polished concrete is done

To ensure your concrete floor has the best possible lustre and texture, a grinding process is required. The heavy duty machinery we use apply coarse, diamond discs to the concrete to remove roughness and imperfections.


There are 3 levels of concrete grinding that we offer at TSW.

1. Industrial

This process involves no grinding at all but rather a thorough polishing applied to existing flooring. This process is perfect for factory floors and is ideal for giving a new sheen to worn looking surfaces.

2. Light Grind

Ideal for concrete pool surrounds and other outdoor areas, this process involves grinding existing concrete so that small stones are exposed. This creates a contemporary 'salt and pepper' finish.

3. Full Grind

If you want to expose larger stones to suit the aesthetics of your home or commercial premises, our team will provide a full grind. We have the equipment to provide large scale full grinds for a wide range of projects.

Polished Concrete Methods

Depending on the sheen and texture you want to achieve for your flooring, a different polishing system will be required.

For residential properties, we generally provide a full polish up to 3000 grit to achieve the optimal smoothness. The grind and seal process we use for commercial premises involves a high gloss coating being applied over the top of the concrete. Dyes, chemical hardeners and stain protectors can also be applied, depending on what effect you want for your concrete flooring.

Superior Equipment for Superior Results

At TSW, we work with high-quality machinery from acclaimed brand Klindex. Our Klindex- Hercules 650 and Klindex-Expander 750 allows us to promptly grind and polish both commercial and residential floors promptly and to the very highest standard. In addition to ensuring outstanding marble, concrete and granite polishing results, our Klindex-Hercules 650 or Klindex-Expander 750 can be used for paint and glue removal.

Our Whitsundays concrete floor polishing and grinding utilises the Klindex Super Concrete Floor System. Using advanced diamond tools and grinding machinery, we will keep your flooring clean, hygienic, sleek and scuff-free. Far superior to traditional waxes, paints and resins, our long-lasting Super Concrete Floor system has the following advantages. It is ideal for high-traffic areas, as the grinding process both removes tyre marks (caused by forklifts, factory floor vehicles, etc) and gives the concrete surface more wear resistance.

The system has numerous environmental benefits. Polishing concrete involves no harmful solvents or allergy causing products. It is also mould, fungi and bacteria resistant. Your floors will have an utterly flat, smooth and stylish finish when the process is completed. The appearance will be similar to terrazzo or marble. You floors will receive high abrasion and impact resistance. The process of applying the Klindex Super Concrete Floor System varies depending on whether a new or existing floor is being serviced.

Existing Floors

Before the polishing process can begin, the floor must be thoroughly cleaned and all old coatings and bare concrete removed. Any damage should also be repaired. After an initial Metalbond diamond grind, a concrete hardening agent will be applied. The floor will then be polished with the diamond disc before the final sealing and dry buffing.

New Floors

Depending on what look you want to achieve with your concrete flooring, coloured aggregates and even crushed coloured glass can be applied. After you have given your preference, we will place the required concrete and — after it is left a week to cure — the Metalbond diamond grinding process will begin. A concrete hardening agent will then be applied before the final polishing, sealing and buffing. To find out more about our Whitsundays concrete polishing services, don't hesitate toc all our friendly team today! Our services are available throughout the Whitsundays and Mackay districts.